the concept

fashion styling 

Encompassing wardrobe, events and celebrity styling, our task is to anticipate and curate trends in order to enhance and refine the image, identity and total fashion look for advertising, editorial, lookbook and lifestyle campaigns. Everything from steaming to fittings, we make sure garments and accessories are perfect for the shot.

visual styling 

Predominantly, known as e-commerce styling for online fashion, we work alongside in-house studios, helping set-up style guides or accurately following them to industry standard for a wide range of disciplines. Studio set-ups include still-life, overhead, flat-lay, ghost mannequin and stop-motion.

art direction 

With a decade’s+ experience in directing the visual art, we aesthetically communicate the overall style and unify the vision for clients, campaigns and brands. Our perspective allows us to devise and iteratively conceptualise for the final production output.

style localisation & scouting 

Having already accumulated many creative assets and resources, and subsequently built strong relationships; our little black book comprises of talent, designers, PR’s, locations and items that are necessary to adapt into your next campaign. If we don’t have, we scout!

for designers

Since 2011, stylecreative has been at the forefront of championing and encouraging the use of garments, accessories, footwear and textiles from emerging and graduate designers for commercial, editorial and model lookbook campaigns. Having strong ties with UK fashion universities, colleges and schools of art, and independent brands, we plug and popularize the raw & ubiquitous perseverance of these creatives in order to achieve success. To view all designers & fashion brands.

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